Third International School-Seminar "From Empirical to Predictive chemistry"

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Abstract Submission Procedure

To submit an Abstract you need to be logged in and confirm your participation in the School-Seminar. Please note that abstract submission fields appear only for logged users.

Please, use template (docdocx) for the abstract preparation. Your Abstract should fit one A4 page. Only 2 abstracts from one person are allowed that should be sent separately.

One can submit also Graphical abstract in jpg or png formats that reflects the essence of your report. It will be posted on the web-site of the Seminar and be available to other participants for the information.

Submitted Abstracts could be changed in Abstracts menu. Find your abstract, click on button “Read More” and you will be sent to your personal page where you can change your Abstract and personal information.

March 19, 2018 at 11:05. Ramil Nugmanov