Ilseyar Alimova

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2018-01-01 Automated detection of adverse drug reactions from social media posts with machine learning / I.S. Alimova, E. Tutubalina // Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics).— 2018.— V.10716 LNCS.— P.3-15 [doi] 0 0.90(2017), 0.67(2016), 0.37(2015), 0.42(2014), 0.49(2013), 0.49(2012), 0.49(2011) Q2(2017), Q3(2016), Q3(2015), Q3(2014), Q3(2013), Q3(2012), Q3(2011)
2017-11-01 Using semantic analysis of texts for the identification of drugs with similar therapeutic effects / E. Tutubalina, Z.S. Miftahutdinov, R. Nugmanov, T. Madzhidov, S. Nikolenko, I.S. Alimova, A. Tropsha // Russian Chemical Bulletin.— 2017.— V.66.— Is.11.— P.2180-2189 [doi] 0 0.60(2016), 0.62(2015), 0.47(2014), 0.45(2013), 0.28(2012), 0.28(2011) Q3(2016), Q3(2015), Q3(2014), Q3(2013), Q4(2012), Q3(2011)
2015-01-01 Extracting aspects, sentiment and categories of aspects in user reviews about restaurants and cars / V.V. Ivanov, E. Tutubalina, N.R. Mingazov, I.S. Alimova // Komp'juternaja Lingvistika i Intellektual'nye Tehnologii.— 2015.— V.2.— Is.14.— P.22-33 4

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